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➤ A powerful blend of Lavender from France, Tea tree from Australia, Lemon from Italy & Pine from Bulgaria.

➤ Many Wonderful Uses: Multipurpose and Multisurface uses.For use in an oil diffuser, air freshener to fight unpleasant smells, for household cleaning, kitchens, bathrooms, floor cleaning or in an oil burner, in air purifiers, candles etc

➤ Pure Essential Oil Blend – no fillers, no additives and no synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances.

➤ We have set out to give you the best natural wellness products. If you try them and are not happy with any of our products, please get in touch with us and we will give you a refund….No questions asked!

Uses: Multipurpose And Multi Surface uses. Great to use all around the house. Use it as an air freshener to fight unpleasant smells in a diffuser or in an oil burner.

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